Body cam footage of Rayshard Brooks’ death shows calm, then chaos – Live Leak

This is a video of a man named Rayshard Brooks who had a terrible encounter with the police in Atlanta. It happened at a Wendy’s restaurant late at night on June 12, 2020.

Rayshard had fallen asleep in his car, causing some trouble for other customers. The police were called, and Officer Devin Brosnan arrived first. He talked to Rayshard and even conducted some tests to see if he was okay to drive. But then Officer Garrett Rolfe came, and things took a bad turn.

They tried to arrest Rayshard because they thought he was too drunk to drive. He didn’t want to be arrested, so a fight broke out. During the struggle, Rayshard managed to take one of the officer’s Tasers. He tried to run away and pointed the Taser at Officer Rolfe, who got scared and shot his gun. He hit Rayshard twice, and one of the bullets hit a car nearby. Sadly, Rayshard didn’t survive the injuries and passed away after surgery.

Many cameras recorded what happened, including the police body cameras and security cameras from the restaurant. People were shocked when they saw the videos. The police chief resigned, and Officer Rolfe was fired. Officer Brosnan was put on a different duty.

Why the video is published on Live Leak?

The objective of the video is to raise awareness and promote understanding in relation. This video shows how important it is to treat everyone fairly and to be careful when using force.

Our main objective is to prevent this type of incident in the future.

Here are some simple ways to help prevent incidents like this one.

Better Training

Police officers should receive training on how to de-escalate situations, treat people with respect, and handle diverse communities.


There should be clear rules and consequences for officers who use excessive force or engage in misconduct. Police departments should have systems in place to investigate complaints and hold officers accountable.

Building Trust

Police departments should work on building positive relationships with the communities they serve. This can be done through community events, open dialogue, and partnerships with local organizations.

Regular Policy Review

Police departments should regularly review and update their policies on the use of force to ensure they align with best practices and community expectations.

By implementing these measures, we can work towards preventing incidents and promoting positive police-community relations.

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