California | Woman Taken Into Unmarked ‘Police’ Van – Live leak

California | Woman Taken Into Unmarked ‘Police’ Van - Live leak

This video was taken during the protest. People were protesting racial injustice and hoping for a fair and equal society. At around 9:20 p.m. at 1400 Park Boulevard, something happened that led to a woman being arrested. The police took her away in an unmarked car, and an officer even threatened to shoot anyone who tried to help her.

The video showed a group of police officers and SWAT team members surrounding a woman who was kneeling on the ground. In the background, another woman was also being arrested. Then, the second woman was put into an unmarked car, which made the protesters wonder where she was going and what was happening.

One of the officials in the video warned the protesters, saying, “If you follow us, you will get shot. Do you understand me?” It was a very scary and tense moment.

According to the San Diego Police Department, a detective who wasn’t wearing a uniform saw the woman step off the sidewalk and swing a sign at a police officer on a motorcycle. The detective arrested her, and the SWAT team came to help calm the situation down. The woman who was arrested was later released after she paid bail. This incident raised a lot of concerns and made people question the use of force by the police, the transparency of their actions, and the rights of peaceful protesters.

The objective of this video – LiveLeak

The objective of this video is to shed light on the events, spark discussions, and draw attention to potential concerns regarding the use of force and the treatment of peaceful protesters.

Here are some key principles that can guide the development of rules regarding the use of force and the treatment of peaceful protestors.

Respect for Human Rights

Rules should ensure that law enforcement officers respect and protect the fundamental human rights of all individuals, including the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly, and due process.

Transparency and Accountability

Rules should promote transparency in law enforcement actions, including the use of body cameras and clear identification of officers. There should be mechanisms in place to hold law enforcement accountable for any misconduct or excessive use of force.


Law enforcement officers should receive comprehensive training on crowd control, conflict resolution, and human rights. They should demonstrate professionalism and respect in their interactions with protesters and the community.

Communication and Dialogue

Rules should encourage open communication and dialogue between law enforcement agencies and protest organizers to ensure a shared understanding of expectations, routes, and potential issues.

Protection of Journalists

Rules should include provisions to protect the rights and safety of journalists who are documenting protests and should not hinder their ability to fulfill their essential roles.

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