Chilling video surfaces on sixth day of Russian invasion of Ukraine – Live Leak

This video was taken on the sixth day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This video shows some chilling scenes of destruction. The people of Ukraine have been facing difficult conditions for many days, and as a result, many of them are moving to other regions in search of a better situation and safety.

A horrific incident occurred in late February 2022. When Russia attacked Ukraine, it really inconvenienced a lot of individuals. Many families were forced to leave their houses in search of safety. 8.2 million people had to leave Ukraine and migrate to various European nations. The once-calm countryside had been turned into a war-torn wasteland, with smoldering damage and terrified cries heard through the air. Everyone had an extremely difficult time throughout this period.

What is the reason behind this video published on LiveLeak?

The objective of this video is to show the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the local population. By capturing scenes from the 6th day of the invasion, the video aims to provide a visual representation of the difficult conditions and challenges faced by the people of Ukraine.

People who are struggling and looking for a better life in an unstable society can consider these options.


Migrating to a safer area may be a way for people to escape harm and seek a better life if they are in immediate danger, are being persecuted, or do not have access to basic requirements like food, shelter, or safety.

Internal Displacement

Individuals can choose to relocate within their own nation to areas that are safer or provide better conditions rather than cross international borders. This choice enables people to stay in comfortable settings and keep in touch with their social networks and local communities.

Taking Refuge in Safe Zones

In certain circumstances, refugee camps or designated safe zones may be formed inside the nation. These areas offer a comparatively safe setting where people can temporarily seek refuge and access necessities.

Accessing Humanitarian Support

Local and international organizations and agencies frequently offer humanitarian aid in conflict-affected areas. These resources may consist of necessities like food, water, housing, medical treatment, and other services.

It is important to highlight that depending on the specific circumstances and the intensity of the conflict, the suitability and accessibility of these options can change.

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