Body camera footage shows part of shootout between LAPD, Trader Joe’s standoff suspect – Live Leak

In this video, we can see a terrible incident. A man named Gene Evin Atkins had a fight with his family. He got angry and shot his own grandmother. Then, he ran away in a car with a 17-year-old girl who might have been his girlfriend.

The police heard about what happened and started chasing Atkins. They wanted to catch him and keep everyone safe. They used a special tracking technology called LoJack to find him. During the chase, Atkins started shooting at the police from his car. Atkins was scared and ran into the store. Inside, Melyda Marciela Corado was working, not knowing what was happening. Gunshots were fired, and sadly, Corado was hit by a bullet and died.

It took a long time, but the police were able to arrest Atkins and rescue the people he had taken hostage. It was a difficult and scary situation for everyone involved. The whole city was sad when they heard about Corado’s death. The chief of the police, Michel Moore, talked about what happened and expressed his sympathy to Corado’s family. He also understood how difficult it was for the police officers who accidentally hurt an innocent person.

The objective of Publishing this video on LiveLeak

The objective is to provide clarity and raise awareness about the incident that took place on that day. It highlights the efforts of law enforcement and expresses condolences to the victim’s family.

In the video, there are both positive and negative aspects.

Positive Aspects

Some positive aspects of the video are these:


The video shows how the LAPD located the suspect’s automobile using the modern tracking system LoJack. This technology assisted in tracking the criminal during the chase.

Police reaction

The video shows the efforts of the LAPD officers in pursuing the suspect, attempting to arrest him, and ensuring the safety of the community. Their dedication and effort to protecting the public are outstanding.

Communication and Negotiation

The video mentions that the police engaged in communication with the suspect during the standoff. This demonstrates their desire to solve the problem.

Negative aspects

Some negative aspects of this video are these:

Loss of Innocent Life

The most notable negative feature depicted in the video is the terrible death of Melyda Marciela Corado, the store manager, who was struck by police gunfire during the shootout. Her death was an unintended outcome of the situation.

Impact on Bystanders

The incident had a significant effect on the kidnapping and staff members and consumers inside the business. The fear and uncertainty they experienced during their experience are negative consequences.

It is necessary to mention both the positive and bad aspects of the situation. While the video highlights the bravery and dedication of law enforcement, it also sheds light on the tragic loss of life and the impact on those involved.

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