Live Leak – French Airforce en Route to Raqqa

French airforce en route to raqqa - Live Leak Video

This is a video of the French Airforce going to Raqqa. Raqqa was a lively place, but now it was destroyed because of war. The situation was getting worse, and airstrikes were planned for the night. The people in Raqqa were scared and worried about what would happen next.

The United States and France were working together against the Islamic State militants. They decided to share information and help each other in targeting the militants in Syria and Iraq. They wanted to act quickly. However, the people in Raqqa didn’t know about these international discussions. They could only hope for peace and a better future. They prayed for help and dreamed of rebuilding their city.

During that night, the airstrikes started. The loud sounds of explosions filled the air, causing more destruction. The people felt scared and helpless, as their city was being bombed.

Why this video is here on Live Leak? – Objective

The objective of this Live Leak video is to highlight the terrible effects that war has on the city of Raqqa, especially in the context of the imminent bombings and resulting destruction.

There are several actions that can be conducted to lessen and prevent wars:

Promote Diplomacy

Encourage conversation, and diplomacy as the principal means of settling disputes between states. Encourage nations to resolve problems via peaceful means rather than using force.

Strengthen International Cooperation

Through institutions like the United Nations, regional collaborations, and agreements, promote international cooperation. Encourage nations to cooperate and find peaceful solutions to disputes to handle global concerns.

Promote respect for Human Rights

The avoidance of conflicts depends on protecting human rights and promoting equity in society. Encourage governments to protect and uphold human rights, ensure that all citizens have access to equal opportunities, and resolve complaints and inequalities that could result in violence.

Disarmament and arms control

To stop the spread of weapons, support disarmament agreements and arms control measures. Encourage governments to switch their military expenditures from defense to social development, education, and healthcare.

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