LAPD releases body cam videos of the man walking toward police armed with a knife – Live Leak

This is a video that captured a troubling incident. It showed a person causing harm to others in their neighbourhood. The person had left his house and started to disturb the people living there. He was holding a knife, using it to hurt others and even breaking the windows of houses.

When the police arrived at the scene, their main objective was to arrest the person and bring him to justice. In the video, we could clearly see the police approaching the person, who still had the knife in his hand. The police officers, to protect themselves and others, were armed with guns.

The intention of the police was to disarm the individual and take him into custody, preventing any further harm or damage. In scenarios like these, the police are trained to assess the situation and take appropriate actions to protect the public. So, police arrested that person to ensure the well-being and security of the community.

The Objective of this Video

The objective of this video is to shed light on the troubling situation and contribute to the resolution of the incident by facilitating legal proceedings against the individual involved. And the main objective is to prevent these incidents in the future.

The following actions can be taken to prevent these incidents in the future.


Promote education and understanding about empathetic listening, managing your anger, and conflict resolution. Violence can be avoided by teaching people healthy emotional expression techniques and the consequences of their behaviour.

Mental Health Support

Make sure that there are processes and services for mental health support. By addressing mental health problems, people are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviours.

Reporting the incidents

Encourage the reporting of any type of questionable behaviour or warning signals of approaching violence to the appropriate authorities. Develop effective therapy programs that seek to recognize vulnerable persons and offer suitable counselling and support.

Social Support Systems

Ensure that there is a strong social support system that deals with problems like inequality, unemployment, and poverty.

It is possible for society to create safer and more peaceful communities by using these strategies to prevent future occurrences of this type.

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