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This is a video about a man who was shot and killed by the police in Victoria, Australia. This happened because the man had a knife and he refused to drop it. Instead, he charged at the police officers. To protect themselves and others, the officers had to use their guns and fired two shots at the man.

This whole thing started early in the morning when the man stole a car. The police started chasing the man to stop him from causing more harm. They tried to tell him to drop the knife and give up, but he didn’t listen. He kept going towards the police officers, still holding the knife. The officers had no choice but to use lethal force to protect themselves and others. It was a very sad situation, and it left the police officers feeling really shaken.

The Objective to Publish this Video on LiveLeak

The objective of this video is to depict facts of the incident as well as the effect it had on the community and the police officers.

Our main objective is to take preventive steps to avoid future occurrences of incidents like the one mentioned. Here are some easy steps you can take to stop these occurrences:

Understanding and Communication

Promote honest and efficient communication among citizens, local governments, and law enforcement. To decrease tensions and misunderstandings between persons from different origins, encourage empathy and understanding.

Education and Awareness

To assist people in peacefully resolving issues, provide education on anger control, problem-solving techniques, and conflict resolution.


Establish early intervention programs that discover those who could be in danger of using violence and offer them the necessary support and direction. Encourage an open environment where people may express their worries and ask for assistance.

Regulations for Law Enforcement

De-escalation methods should be regularly taught to law enforcement officers, with a focus on using less lethal force whenever possible.

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