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Escape Failure Caught on CCTV Camera - Live Leak

In this video, we can see an incident of escape failure. This incident unfolded at a local jail in Jackson County, Indiana. An inmate had a daring plan to escape from the facility. However, his escape attempt took an unexpected turn when he fell from the roof of the booking area. The incident occurred during the week, specifically at around 10:15 a.m. on Monday.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office quickly responded to the situation. They caught the inmate and discovered that his failed attempt at an escape had led to further allegations being brought against him. Unfortunately for him, his attempt to escape not only failed but also had unexpected consequences.

It is neither appropriate nor legal to assist or encourage any criminal activity, including jailbreak efforts. Escape attempts from jails are illegal by law and have severe consequences.

The objective of this video

The objective of this video is to describe the results of a failed escape attempt. This video teaches us that trying to escape from jail is a bad idea.  That inmate thought he could get away, but instead, he suffered more losses and his punishment got worse. It’s important to remember that breaking the law has consequences, and it’s better to face the situation legally instead of making things worse for us.

When someone tries to escape from a place where they are not supposed to leave, like a jail, and they are not successful, there can be several outcomes or results.


The person involved in the failed escape attempt may face punishment or consequences. This could mean losing certain privileges, being put in a more secure part of the facility, or facing other restrictions.

Stronger security

After a failed escape, the jail or facility might make its security measures stronger. They could have stricter rules, better cameras, or alarms.

Transfer to a different jail

Sometimes, if someone tries to escape and fails, they might be moved to a different jail with stricter security. This is done to prevent them from trying to escape again and to keep everyone safe.

Legal trouble

A failed escape attempt can lead to additional criminal charges. This means the person might face more legal problems and must deal with the consequences of their actions.

Impact on getting out of jail

Trying to escape and failing can make it harder for the person to be released from jail early or get parole.

It is important to understand that trying to escape from jail or similar places is against the law and can have serious consequences. It’s better to follow the rules, accept the situation, and work through legal channels if there are concerns or issues.

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