LiveLeak – HOLY COW!

LiveLeak - HOLY COW!

In this video, we can observe cows grazing on a road when suddenly a motorcycle approaches at a high speed from the front. The motorcyclist fails to notice the cars.

One of the cows is struck by a fast-moving bike and the motorcyclist falls on the road. The cows get scared by the impact and instinctively run forward. Thankfully the cows were saved, but sadly, the biker fell from his motorbike. Watching the video makes it clear that the motorcyclist most likely suffered a serious injury.

The Objective of Live like Videos

The purpose of sharing this video is to highlight the factors that contributed to this hazardous accident.

It is clear from watching the video that the motorcyclist was at fault for speeding and failing to drive carefully. Our goal is to prevent further mishaps like this.

When riding a motorbike, coming across animals like cows might create unforeseen risks on the road. In this video, we can see the motorbike rider made several mistakes that resulted in an accident with the cows.

  • Speeding

The motorcyclist’s quick speed made it difficult to respond quickly enough to avoid the calves. He should reduce the speed and cautiously get closer to the animal.

  • Lack of Awareness:

The motorcyclist failed to notice the presence of cows on the road ahead.

  • Failure to Adjust Speed:

The motorbike rider did not sufficiently slow down after seeing the cows to compensate for the possible threat.

  • Lack of Caution:

The motorbike rider did not take any precautions or prepare for the chance that the cows would behave erratically or cross the road. It is necessary to maintain a high level of concentration when dealing with an animal on the road by remaining focused and aware.

  • Inappropriate Reaction:

The biker continued to travel at a high speed instead of immediately adopting alternative measures, such as breaking or diverting.

  • Unable to keep Control:

When the motorbike hit the cow, it lost control, causing the rider to fall.

However, there is also the mistake of the owner of the cows. The owner of the cow or any other livestock is responsible for making sure that their animals are adequately contained and don’t present a danger on public highways. A portion of the blame for the accident may go on the owner if the cow was allowed to roam freely on the road because of carelessness on their side.

If you come across stray or wandering livestock on the road, it may be good to notify the proper animal control agency or your local government. This can lessen the risk of accidents for both you and other drivers.

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