LiveLeak – Robber Shot By Two People

LiveLeak - Robber Shot By Two People

In this video, we can see that everyone was busy with their own work in a building when suddenly a robber enters there. At that moment, the security guard came in with his gun. As soon as he saw the robber, he reacted quickly and fired shots along with another person present there. The loud noise startled everyone in the building.

A thief who had been causing trouble there suddenly fell to the ground, creating confusion among the crowd. People started running away in fear, not knowing what was happening.

The robber, taking advantage of the chaos, quickly got up and ran away. Everyone else was still looking for him, not knowing he had already gone.

The objective of this video

The objective of the video is to identify and analyze the reasons or factors that led to the security guard’s inefficiency in handling the situation. What went wrong and why the security guard was unable to prevent the robber from entering or apprehending them effectively?

There could be several factors behind this situation:

Lack of training

The security guard may not have received adequate training to handle such situations effectively. If they haven’t been trained in dealing with criminal activities, it would be unfair to blame them for not catching the robber.

Insufficient resources

The security guard might not have the necessary tools or resources to apprehend a robber. They may not have access to communication devices, backup support, or proper surveillance systems. Without these resources, it can be challenging to catch a criminal.

Timing and circumstances

Catching a robber often depends on timing and circumstances. If the security guard was not in the immediate vicinity when the robbery occurred or if the robber managed to escape quickly, it may be difficult for the security guard to apprehend them.

If the security guard failed to adequately perform their duties, such as not noticing the robber’s presence, or allowing the robber to escape easily, it would suggest a lack of efficiency or effectiveness in their role. In such a case, it may be necessary to evaluate the training and response capabilities of the security guard and take corrective measures to improve security protocols and procedures in the future.

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