New Jersey Cop Charged After Pepper Spraying Group Of People Standing On Front Porch In Woodlynne – Live leak

New Jersey Cop Charged After Pepper Spraying Group Of People Standing On Front Porch In Woodlynne - Live leak

This is a video of New Jersey, there was a police officer named Ryan Dubiel. He got into trouble for using a type of spray called OC spray on two people during an incident on June 4. The whole incident was recorded on Officer Dubiel’s body-worn camera, and the video was later released by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office.

On that day, Officer Dubiel and other police officers were called to a street in response to a complaint from a citizen. While investigating the complaint, Officer Dubiel encountered some individuals and ended up using OC spray on them. OC spray is a type of chemical spray used by police for self-defence or to control suspects. After the incident, a complaint was filed against Officer Dubiel on June 5. As a result of the investigation, Officer Dubiel was charged with two counts of simple assault on June 10. The charges were related to his use of OC spray on the two individuals.

According to the rules about the use of force, police officers are allowed to use force when someone refuses to obey their commands or poses a threat to their safety. However, in this case, Officer Dubiel’s use of OC spray was considered excessive. Because of the charges, Officer Dubiel was suspended from the police department without pay.

The Objective of Publishing this Video on LiveLeak

The objective of this video is to discuss how police officers should use force, the need for accountability, and the importance of following the rules to maintain trust and safety in the community.

There are different laws governing when law enforcement agents can use physical force.


To solve disputes and reduce the need for force, officers should give de-escalation strategies and techniques. De-escalation is the process of calming down difficult situations without turning to violence.


Officers should receive comprehensive instruction on a variety of topics related to the use of force, such as knowing the law, identifying various degrees of force, using less-lethal choices, and keeping control while suffering a minimum of injury.

Continuum of force

Departments frequently adopt a continuum of force, which describes a variety of actions and alternatives that may be taken in response to various degrees of resistance or threat. This continuum helps officers in deciding how much force should be used in a particular circumstance.


Force should only be employed when it is essential to carry out a lawful law enforcement goal, such as defending oneself or others from danger, keeping a suspect from escaping, or preserving public safety.

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  • Why did the police officer get into trouble?, they needed to be arrested, the disrespect is disgusting, I blame all of this on their parents, these kids should be locked up for life in a preemptive strike on obvious future crimes, ignorant, disrespectful, & deserving of the officer’s actions

    Nippleglow August 9, 2023 8:37 am Reply

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