Police Release Footage Of Woman’s Forceful Arrest During Traffic Stop In Boerne – Live leak

Police Release Footage Of Woman’s Forceful Arrest During Traffic Stop In Boerne - Live leak

This is a video of a small town called Boerne. One of the officers, Cheyenne Weber, pulled over a driver for driving too fast. She had some problems with her car, like expired tags, no insurance, and an out-of-state license. In a video from the police car, you could hear Officer Weber asking her where she lived so she could give her a ticket. But she refused to answer and didn’t want to get out of her car. She started arguing and yelling at Officer Weber. He told her that if she didn’t listen, they would have to use force to get her out of the car.

A few minutes later, more police officers arrived to help Officer Weber. That lady still refused to cooperate and cursed at the officers. Her mom came to the scene and tried to calm her down. She told her to listen to the officers and get in their car. Finally, she obeyed her mom and followed the officers’ instructions. She was taken to jail afterwards.

The video from the police car and the one recorded by the witness was shown to the public so people could see what happened. Some people talked about whether the police used too much force or if they were right in this situation. Chief Reynolds said that the officers acted reasonably given the circumstances.

The Objective of Publishing this Video on LiveLeak

The objective of this video is to encourage a conversation about how force is used by law enforcement. This video provided viewers with a real-world example to consider and discuss. It prompted discussions on how much force is necessary in certain circumstances, and how to find a balance between maintaining the public’s safety and protecting citizens’ rights.

The use of force in the video depends on several variables to determine whether it was appropriate or not. Here are a few straightforward explanations of the laws guiding the use of force:


Force should only be employed when necessary to carry out a legal law enforcement mission, such as protecting the public or keeping a suspect from escaping.


The use of force should be proportionate to the threat or resistance being faced. To address the situation, officers should aim to use the least amount of force possible.


A police officer’s actions can be considered reasonable when they are based on what a reasonable officer would do in a similar circumstance.

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