Social media videos show fighting on Ukraine streets – Live Leak

Video Courtesy: CNN

This is a video showing fighting on the streets of Ukraine during times of war. The employment of heavy weapons, gunshots, explosions, and the presence of armed can be seen in these videos. They draw attention to the fact that the situation is dangerous and unstable, as well as its effects on the local community and infrastructure.

Russia-Ukraine War is a conflict between Russia and Ukraine that started in February 2014 when Russian troops disguised as Ukrainian troops invaded Crimea. Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Russian forces achieved considerable gains in the early stages of the battle, but Ukrainian defenses repelled Russian attempts to seize Kyiv and other important cities and quickly began launching counterattacks against Russian strongholds.

The situation on the streets has been difficult and unstable during the war in Ukraine, particularly in the regions of Eastern Ukraine that have been affected.


The objective of such a video is to inform about the situation and raise awareness about the impact of the war on the civilian population and highlight the severity of the conflict.

The Ukraine war has complex origins and multiple factors that have contributed to its escalation.

Political Transition and Governance

The war began because Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine at the time, favored deeper connections with Russia over a trade pact with the EU. As a result of this choice, there were protests and a change in the government, which generated more disputes and conflicts.

Separatist Movements

In eastern Ukraine, several individuals and organizations wished to become a part of Russia rather than Ukraine. They campaigned for further independence or perhaps their own nation. The fighting sparked between these separatist organizations and the Ukrainian government as a result.

Annexation of Crimea

In 2014, Russia took control of Crimea, a part of Ukraine. Russia’s action was seen as illegal by many countries. This increased tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

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