Highway Accident: Truck Loses Wheels and Crashes


As we can see in this live video, a heavy truck is speeding on a busy highway. Suddenly his rear wheels separate from the truck and after going a short distance the truck has an accident. The truck crashes and overturns on the same road. But the good thing is that despite the speeding traffic, no other vehicle collides with this crashing truck and all the passengers are safe.

LiveLeak Video Objectives

The main objective to publish this video here is:

“to find out the reasons behind this dangerous accident.”
What reasons did we find out after watching this video again and again?
  • The driver failed to check the maintenance before starting his journey.
A savvy truck driver always checks the full maintenance of his truck before starting a journey and makes sure that all “mechanical and electrical systems” are fully functional and in good working order.
  • Negligence of the mechanic
One of the reasons for Highway Accidents and Truck Crashes is the mechanic was negligent and did not tighten the nut bolts after repairing or checking the tires. And didn’t try to replace the damaged nut bolts.
  • Overloading
Overloading can also be a cause of this highway accident. Due to overloading, vehicles often lose their balance and road grip and have accidents.
  • Overspeeding
We often see that drivers do not follow speed limits on highways and overspeeding is also a major cause of many accidents.
  • Tire air pressure
Tire pressure should always be correct. Low or high air pressure is also a major cause of highway accidents. Tire pressure must be checked before starting the journey, especially in heavy-loaded vehicles.
  • Wrong Overtaking
Often truck drivers try to overtake from the wrong side in a hurry, resulting in dangerous accidents. While driving on the highway you must always strictly follow the traffic laws.
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